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GIA Certified

All of our 'exceptional' and 'investment grade' diamonds include a full GIA/AGS Diamond Grading Report with inclusions plotted, again, at no extra charge to you.

Discrete Service

We offer discrete, personalized sourcing and sales of 'exceptional' and 'investment grade' diamonds by appointment only from our private offices in Vancouver or worldwide, as you require, including 24/7 worldwide insured delivery.

Integrity and Trust

Integrity and Trust are the cornerstones of our business and our guarantee backed by over 35 years of referrals from satisfied retail and trade customers, our most valuable gems.

Unparalleled Prices

A critical component of the Noble House satisfaction guarantee is the history of sourcing and offering 'exceptional' and 'investment grade' diamonds at unparalleled and transparent prices to an educated and fully informed clientele.

Rare and Unique

All our diamonds at Noble House are rare and unique. We only offer 'exceptional' and 'investment grade' diamonds.

Featured Diamond | 9+ Carat Pear Shape

An 'investment grade' 9.36 Carat, Type 11A Natural Pear Shaped Brilliant 'D' Flawless Diamond boasting 'Excellent' cut, 'Excellent' polish and 'Excellent' finish!

'Big and Beautiful', 'Bespoke' Diamonds

Red, Blue and Pink Diamonds

Red, blue and pink diamonds are the rarest 'fancy' colors. Pink diamonds have traditionally come from the now depleted Argyle Mine in Australia. Most pink diamonds are now being purchased for 'investment purposes'.

Yellow Diamonds

This exotic yellow diamond is known as a 'fancy' color. 'Fancy' color diamonds are very desirable and command premium market prices. This year the value of yellow diamonds is also benefiting from a fashion trend as the featured 'fancy' color by Harry Winston at the '2017 amfAR Hong Kong Gala'.

Diamond Studs

Diamond studs, reputed to be the most important piece of jewellery a woman should have in her collection! Classic, versatile and elegant, the go-to earring for every day. The perfect way to make sure that your look is finished and polished.