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Exclusive Noble House Diamond Cuts

Tiana (Perfect Princess)

The ideal balance of fire and brilliance, Tiana is the classic Princess cut made perfect. The Tiana inspires confidence and creativity with a touch of adventure.

Luci Ballanti (Dancing Lights)

Luci Ballanti stands for “dancing lights” – as its name, this design is the ballerina of our collection. Poised and powerful, with a spectacular light and sparkle combination. The cushion cut perfected to a twenty-first century ideal.


Some things are just meant to be… This Noble House design original is a cushioned shape diamond with a checkerboard crown. The Serendipity achieves greater weight retention while offering perhaps the most scintillating diamond on earth.

Noble Star

A vision of symmetry, the Noble Star creates perfect light return that gives this special brilliant the highest standard in the world today.


This design is cut to ideal standards and is our most complicated design to execute, it has the best of the ideal round and the modern princess cuts
Exuding elegance and finess. Ariana is the ideal expression of pure desire and mystery. This carefully cut diamond is a true statement of sincerity and admiration.


The design of this diamond originated in coloured gemstones and the cut design was created in the “Arts and Crafts” movement in California.
This style of cut is known as a “spectator” gemstone as each movement of the wearer will catch the eye of anyone viewing the diamond and draw the spectator into the diamonds beauty.